Delayed Freedom


RBG’s mission is to create a safe place for employees at Huge identifying with the African diaspora. We encourage mentorship, constructive dialog, and the learning of that shared history, its impact on the present, and what it means for the future. Alongside allies, we promote a supportive environment that embraces & celebrates melanin

RBG Pillars:

Project Red: Project Red is tasked with spearheading social events and community outreach planning, Project Red’s aim is to create a space where we can  feel free to express ourselves, collaborate and share while breaking from the typical routine. Anything from a game night to “wine downs” and coordinating outreach opportunities, we keep the passion and fire of RBG.

Project Black: Project Black was created to provide facts and education to arm the group with knowledge about and affecting the black community both professionally & personally. 

From articles & think pieces to group discussions & book readings, topics include health and wellness, social trends, generational difference and intersectionality. Darien & Cora want to inform as well as create space for engaging dialogue and discussion.

Project Green: Project Green was created to spearhead discussions of money, black business, and data/information about generational wealth. With this goal in mind, Keanna and Alex will be discussing topics to help in changing our mindset to secure the bag.

Project Gold: Project Gold will be spearheading any initiatives for community involvement and/or  philanthropy. This can include any fundraisers, volunteer opportunities etc so we can give back to more than Huge. We can be the change we want to see and it starts in our local communities.