Thoughts from the Creators.

Welcome to Delayed Freedom. Delayed Freedom is a space where we tell our stories of injustice and disparity, yet seemingly able to find joy. In the stories and narrations to come, you can expect to hear from Black people from different walks of life who have experienced grave circumstances that took away their freedom, by way of prison, healthcare, and lack of access to resources. We will highlight their voyages through storytelling, while also giving you background and research on the respective topic. Lastly, you will have a form of authentication from the owner of the story to ensure it is told and portrayed as they envisioned.

As we began this project with that ideation in mind, this first story felt more like the introduction instead of the first installment. Although we have a vision, we felt it was necessary to lay the foundation. Brandon Gibson gave us the insight we were looking for with his narration. Whether intended or not, he gave us permission to not worry about succeeding or failing, but to solely make sure we continue to stand in our purpose. He allowed us to see that Delayed Freedom is all about the vulnerability and the joy within. We were moved in that moment to put our own vulnerability on display and give you our interpretation of delayed freedom. In the words of Brandon, “The delay can be painful, but it doesn’t have to be meaningless, we are given the opportunity to engage that purpose.”

Welcome to our Purpose. Welcome to, Delayed Freedom.
Our Inspiration Based on Brandon’s Narration.

It should all be so simple, a debate isn’t necessary at all.
Equity, no second guesses
There’s no room for rebuttal when granting basic human rights
yet here we are

Facing the sun, we uprise
Refusing to stand down, against those that won’t acknowledge
the current constructs of reality.

A reality and pursuit for a piece of pie
baked during the delay of freedom for my people.
A reality that still has yet to bring resolve.
A reality that allows others to turn a blind eye
when all we need is acknowledgement.
Acknowledgement that the current constructs of this society
were made as my people awaited
For the day the sun would meet their beautiful brown faces
with freedom.

With our face toward sun, we are still seen as less than,
but no more.
No more will the sun shine and be met solely with hope,
it shall continually be met with the burning energy of the sun,
with the bellowing sorrows of our ancestors’ bellies.
This will to fight calls in generations and we stand firmly
In this moment
demanding a significant change, we will resist as long as it continues.

With our face toward the sun, we start to hear the cheers as the underdog
has taken position to become the Cinderella story.
It is a roaring sound that even in the midst of chaos, cannot be silenced.
It is the sweet sound of reclamation
of our joy–even in pain.

With our face toward the sun, in our delay, we have chosen
to step outside of the vicious cycle and stand in the purpose of deliverance.
We are the embodiment of our ancestors.
I am we and we are they.
Today our fight is similar and while the methods have changed
the end goal is the same.

With our face toward the sun, we have endured pain we can’t even begin to fathom, yet we find joy.

With our face to the sun, today we fight in delay but we don’t fight in vain, as our children and their children will experience joy beyond our wildest dreams.

I stand on the edge of the hill
The same spot where my ancestors stood
The same place where they were still enslaved
I feel their need for freedom
I feel their need for justice

I stand on the edge of the hill
My feet are planted firmly like theirs
My head is held high like theirs
I want that freedom
I want that justice

I stand on the edge of the hill
I keep my eyes on the sun as it sets
I will not blink until it comes back
It was promised to me
It was promised to us

I stand on the edge of the hill
I will not celebrate a new day
I will not yet look to the future
This is not the first promise I’ve heard
This is not the last promise I’ve been given

I stand on the edge of the hill
Trepidation transforms into pride
I see my community is right behind me
We want freedom
We want justice

We stand on the edge of the hill
As night falls, we continue to have pride and joy
As night falls, we continue to fight and rebel
We wait for that promised freedom
We wait for the promised justice

We stand on the edge of the hill
Our bodies are tired from fighting
Our souls are weary from waiting
We just want freedom
We just want justice

We stand on the edge of the hill
As the sun rises, so does our freedom
We breathe it in and out and wonder
Is this actually freedom?
Is this actually justice?

We stand on the edge of the hill
Our “freedom” was delivered by the sun
But our armor was forged by the long night
We will continue fighting for Freedom
We will continue fighting for Justice

S- systems
U- unfair
C- color
E- engulfing
S- stifling
S – slave

Success does not define me
America, you don’t define me
You have failed me when black is all you see
I will not falter
I define me, regardless of what you become or want me to be.
I will not stop
and I will be FREE!

Brandon Gibson