Live Experience
Economic Freedom with Brandon Gibson
Tuesday, July 7, 2020
7:00 PM EDT

Join us for a conversation with Brandon Gibson around economic justice, reparations generational wealth and much more.

About this Event
Delayed Freedom is a 6 part series that will encompass the stories and conversation around a paradoxical experience that constantly riddles so many Black American’s journeys, joy within pain. July 7th we will have an in depth conversation Brandon Gibson, DF’s introductory guest covering topics such as justice, generational wealth, reparations and more.

A powerful theme can be extrapolated today and traced back to the treatment of Black Americans in the United States. While many Americans received their full-fledged Americans’ rights in the Bill of Rights, a swath of the population, such as Black Americans, received theirs from an amendment hundreds of years later (and many will never fully get their rights back). The paradoxical theme, which is present in 1865 and 2020 alike, is what we wish to present to all as Delayed Freedom.