Live Experience
Thursday, August 20, 2020
7:00 PM EDT

In this installment, we spotlight the effects of trans-generational trauma, epigenetics and it’s effects on descendants of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade with Monica X. Thompson, Founder, Clinicians of the Diaspora. As we analyze the past, the hope is to find a route of healing even in the sweeping pandemic of racism that has plagued our communities for years.

Monica X. Thompson, LCSW, Executive Director/Founder, Clinicians of the Diaspora, LLC.Monica X. Thompson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the creator and founder of Clinicians of the Diaspora, LLC. It’s at the crux of her devotions as an activist, mother, and community organizer, that she decided to launch a company that creates individual and collective spaces, fostering holistic love, support, and counseling for BIPOC. The vision is to create inclusive healing for Black and Brown people through the talents of Black and Brown people.

Monica is a prominent contributor in the areas of anti-racism and inclusion within institutions such as the Icahn School of Medicine, The Public Theatre, and City University of New York (CUNY). She also works to bridge her passions around public and global health through her clinical contribution to missions in Cote D’Ivore, Ghana, and Kenya. Monica uses all of these skills and experiences in her teaching praxis at both NYU and Hunter College (CUNY).

It is through radical love, connection, and inspiration, Monica works to transform the world around her.